Published: 07.06.15

Massai: from Sand to Snow

From the sun scorched Kenyan savannah to the snow-covered concrete jungle of Moscow – Russian traveller and photographer, Olga Michi, takes members of the Maasai tribe on the adventure of a lifetime. They have never even left their country before, let alone the continent. Braving an intercontinental flight and Russia’s sub-zero winter, the African adventurers never miss an opportunity to try something new and take every challenge they meet in their stride.

Published: 01.04.15

Maasai Moscow

Article from about Maasai and Moscow.

Published: 24.03.15

Swimming with orcas in Norway

Daily report of our ORCA Expedition in Norway — november 2014:
Featuring OLGA MICHI, russian photographer

Published: 25.02.15

About Shangri-La, New Guinea and the meaning of life. Part 3

Our small missionary plane is landing. We can see a small village immersed in the greenery. It is Yaniruma. There is a real welter on the runway: people are going from all over the village and just in a couple of minutes all the native population is already here.

Published: 27.02.15

About Shangri-La, New Guinea and the meaning of life. Part 2

We leave the friendly village and get into the car. It's time to go back, because we have planned to buy fruit at the local market. Along the way we constantly come across with sad and concerned people who are in a hurry somewhere, carrying bags of rice, small pigs, vegetables and fruits. I am asking the guide where they are going. "To the funeral", he answers and asks me for the permission to drop in there for a while. And so we are going there together, but it seems to me, we will be there out of place.

Published: 18.02.15

About Shangri-La, New Guinea and the meaning of life

The soothing rain is knoсking upon the roof. Simon`s wooden house hastily hammered together fell into a deep sleep. Two of our guides and a whole team of porters are sleeping in the next room. Judging by the rumbling snor, everybody are exhausted. Now, in a relative safety, the men finally dared to relax . Only Simon is quietly walking around the house, checking the locks on the doors and windows. I can hear the creaking of the floorboards under his feet. We are his guests and he care of us.

Published: 18.02.15

Along with the river monster. Part 3

All night I couldn`t fall asleep. Moreover, the story told by Greg about unfortunate last year`s diving of South-American group added the fear. They arrived two weeks after Amos left the island. Initially the season was chosen wrong. In addition, the number of participants exceeded five. And when such a large group of divers surrounded the large male, the croc panicked and attacked one of the divers. The other diver could rescue the unfortunate tourist. He survived of course, but he is still working on the recovery of the limb. 

Published: 18.02.15

Along with the river monster. Part 2

I am trying to cling the bottom of the river with my hands, they are completely sinking in the sand. It helps, but just for a few seconds. The stream is so strong that we are being rapidly carried down the river. Again and again Amos is trying to stick the monopod into the sand.

Published: 18.02.15

Along with the river monster. Part 1

The background. One frosty evening last December I was hiding from Moscow bustle and hustle at home... I do adore big cities but at the same time  I nearly hate us great opportunities they require too much in return.

Published: 18.02.15

To see the Kongo and not die. Part 3

Ba'aka Pygmies are known for their music and songs that are as old as the world. Four and a half thousand years ago, the Egyptians discovered this diminutive people in the upper reaches of the Nile and just as we are now had been fascinated by the beauty of the voices this ethnic group. Pygmies express their feelings and emotions in their great melodies. No wonder that Ba'aka were proclaimed one of the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

Published: 17.02.15

To see the Kongo and not die. Part 2

The crew is lowering the ramp, we are being met by a military escort on he land. The level of adrenaline in the blood is going off scale. I feel the pulsing artery under the cerebral cortex.We are being taken away for questioning. In a small stuffy room the representative of the interim government of the country begins to fulfill his duties. All the furniture in a shabby room consists of a table and two chairs.

Published: 17.02.15

To see the Kongo and not die. Part 1

I have two wonderful friends, with whom with a glass of wine I can spend hours discussing books and articles having read recently. One cold Moscow evening we were talking about the most famous politician- dictator and the cannibal in the history of Africa .Thus I first learned about the sadist, murderer, tyrant and the most famous high-ranker cannibal Jean-Bodele the Bokassa. 

Published: 10.07.13

Watersprout in Jumby bay

Watersprout effects in Jumby bay. Jumby Bay. Antigua. The Atlantic ocean. 9 July. Antigua is awaiting the tropic storm Chantal. At 5.15 p.m. a heavy shower faded away and after 5 minutescomplete guietness in a mile distance from Jumby Bay a huge black watersprout arouse from the depth of the ocean,waited a little and started its way along the coast to the South-West of the Island.As a resault a great dial of landscape was destroyed and some private properties suffered great cosses as well.

Published: 09.10.13

Niagara Falls - a magnificent natural wonder.

Niagara Falls - a magnificent natural wonder. Separates America from the territory of Canada. The most powerful and, undoubtedly, the most famous waterfall in North America. One of the three most beautiful waterfalls in the world. 

Published: 01.10.13

Festival "Tapati - Rapa Nui" - downhill on makeshift sleds from the trunks of banana trees.

Perfect Easter Island, lost in the Pacific Ocean, is famous not only monumental Moai stone figures, but also a traditional festival ", Tapati Rapa Nui."