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Pygmy are the shortest people on the Earth. Their evarage height is 140 sm. From Greek the term " Pygmy" is translated as " the fist". The absolute majority of pygmy people live in the countries of Central Africa. The term Pygmy is used to define all "forest people - dwarfs" though they are identified by their ethnicity, such as Aka, BAka, Akova, Akula, Babonga, Bakoiya, Bakuin all of them have their own traditions, culture, believes and even the language. They lead a nomadic life and build their huts from wood. The structure of the house is made from long sticks and covered with flat leaves to protect it from the rain. During the whole life these little people have to fight for their living..They never hunt for fun, the only purpose is to survive... Nuts, herbs and edible roots are their everyday food. They hunt using nets and primitive devices. Hunting and everyday life find their reflection in folk culture: songs and dances.